Thursday, May 23, 2013

                                                             Dinner With Tiger

Oh my God! Another chicken dinner slur has been hurled at Tiger Woods. Those racist golfer just can't stand an African American man (not sure if he fully embraces this label but Caublasian isn't a box for the census) taking over their game. How dare him put his feet up at their country clubs? Next thing you know, he's gonna be dating their daughters. Oops, too late.

In any event, I no longer care what anyone says about Tiger Woods. I'm done with him. I can't defend him anymore. I'm not a prude. Anyone can be tempted by the booty. I like booty too. I'm sure I would have taken a taste or two if it was slinged at me like I am sure it is slinged at Tiger. Bill Clinton took a taste and I've forgiven him. So, has Hilary. Why didn't Elin forgive Tiger?

Infidelity is one thing. Wanton, recklessness and dangerous behavior that jeopardizes your livelihood, the honor of your family and a sport built on your back is just stupid. Okay, I'm all in for redemption but you know what, Tiger hasn't changed. Bill Clinton is out their doing good and saving the world. Damn, he's a Vegan. Tiger, he's winning golf tournaments just like he always had. Big deal.

You know how you win golf matches at a rate that defies logic? You behave like a self absorbed, spoiled prick. You play at the Master and state on camera you dropped your ball two yards from where it should have been dropped because the correct location for the drop was grainy and wet. Tiger stated in his famous press conference which addressed his infidelities that he ventured from his core. "I acted as if the rules did not apply to me." He promised to do better. Nope, the old Tiger is back. He was probably never gone.

Consequently, Tiger is a dick on the circuit. He's a dick in general. It's well know. He has few if any friends. He is aloof, condescending, entitled, self-absorbed. So are most athletes. It's expected but Tiger takes it to another level.  In addition, Tiger is profane. Anyone recall the 1997 Esquire article where Tiger told numerous racist and homophobic jokes during a photoshot? Sure he was only a kid at the time. What evidence do we have he has changed?

This is the Tiger Woods his competitors know on the circuit. What do you say to a guy like that? Stupid shit because you know he stand for nothing and he's a fake. Anyone making AIDS jokes to Magic Johnson?

Well as the new ads says, "Winning takes care of Everything " Tiger the Brand prevails. Sergio is grovelling because Tiger can vanish him in a minute because everyone is making money off of Tiger again. Imagine. Fuzzy Zoeller never recovered from his fried chicken joke about Tiger in 1997. Some say Sergio will pay a high price for his recent fried chicken joke. Tiger gets to frolic with porn stars, loose women and prostitutes   and pick up where he left off. I guess money rules and sports hates women.